You’ve been browsing available listings, found that dreamy waterfront home with just the right number of rooms, in the right price range, with a recently remodeled oasis-style backyard…but then you read “saltwater pool.” 

Not sure how you feel about saltwater pools? Don’t worry, I’m breaking out the pros and cons so you don’t have to dive into a 3-hour Google search. But before we jump into that, let’s dispell a couple of myths:

FACT #1:

Saltwater pools are not as salty as the ocean. They’re at about 1/10 of the salinity.

FACT #2:

They still use a small amount of chlorine.


Okay, let’s list those PROS:


Saltwater pools are better for your eyes and skin due to the low chlorine levels.


The water in saltwater pools is “softer.” It’s like a Perrier compared to tap water!


There is no need to store dangerous chemicals in the house, which is great if you have small kids and/or pets.


And now the CONS:


If you’re considering installing a saltwater pool, they are far more costly than traditional chlorine pools.


Although there is less maintenance associated with saltwater pools, you’ll need to hire an expert to fix even minor problems as they have quite complicated systems.


Salt is still salt, therefore it might corrode materials that it comes in contact with like underwater lighting, nearby fixtures, lining, etc.


Convinced saltwater pooling is for you?

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