Style is as individual as human beings are, but we can generally agree there are some style trends that should be left in the past. Before you jump on the latest home decorating bandwagon, consider how these super-popular decor trends have fared and imagine whether you’re still going to think your latest design obsession looks cutting-edge in a year or three.


We’re not saying that it was ever a good look to resemble a hoarder, but there was a time where just the “right amount” of clutter was a decorative goal. That eclectic, bohemian look involving lots of different items and patterns is officially over. And thank goodness, too, because keeping all those tchotchkes dusted and the surfaces cleaned is tough. 

… And too much minimalism

Just as bad as too much clutter is the bland, too-neutral hotel-room look. It can make your place feel soulless and flat.

Matching everything

Pop quiz: What smells do you associate with a room with curtains or valances that precisely match the furniture upholstery? If “musty” and “mildewed” made your list, congratulations – you passed! When everything is matchy-matchy, it makes your house look like it was decorated decades ago.

Edison bulbs

Look, these were cool for a little while, in that whole minimalist-industrial kind of way – but the light they emit is harsh, and there are so many better light fixtures (and bulbs) that will make your home shine.

Fake plants instead of real

Some silk plants are very well made and impossible to differentiate from real plants at a glance, but most of them age quickly, get dusty and ragged around the leaf edges.

Obsessions with monochrome

Just like matched patterns, homes that are done all in a single color only help to date that home, depending on the color. 

Appliances and bathroom fixtures with color

Another color that’s going to be forever associated with an era is avocado green with the 1970s when you saw fridges, stoves, bathtubs and sinks and showers and more in the shade. The cherry-red KitchenAid stand mixer on your counter is one thing, but please reconsider before opting for fixtures with color.

Vertical blinds

These don’t generally do a great job of blocking the light, are a pain to open and close, and don’t look all that nice when they’re either open or closed. 

Industrial style

There’s no reason to eliminate all the exposed brick and metal aesthetic from your life, but the industrial look is another one that’s going to be specifically pinned to an era before much longer.

Animal remnants

Whether or not you hunt is beside the point, which is this: Your home is not a hunting lodge (most likely), and animal heads and skins or other parts used to decorate your house should be used in strict moderation, if at all.

Words on walls

The decals made them so easy, and everybody else was doing it, but we’ve all seen the homes where someone went just that edge overboard with the inspirational quotes and words on walls. Instead of plastering your house with word decals, choose decorative items that are meaningful in a similar way but that spark a conversation instead of trumpeting your viewpoint.

Elaborate window treatments

Valances and swags have come in and out of style, but if you want your window treatments to seem timeless, opt for something simple and classic over an elaborate, trendy mess.


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